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S13 Apartment








3d visualization:
Alicetech Studio

Nestled in the heart of Belgrade’s vibrant Vracar neighborhood, this bespoke apartment bathes in the golden glow of abundant natural light. Tailored for a bustling family of five, the design seamlessly marries functionality with aesthetics, creating a home that feels both warm and contemporary.

Embracing the simplicity and sophistication of Scandinavian design, the space is adorned with Danish furniture and lighting fixtures. Each piece effortlessly combines form and function, contributing to the overall minimalist yet inviting ambiance.

The apartment breathes life through the extensive use of natural oak, maintaining a consistent theme throughout. The oak, left in its natural hue, adds a timeless touch and creates a cohesive flow from room to room.

At the heart of the home lies the kitchen, adorned with spectacular Arabescato marble and a phenomenal kitchen island. This central hub not only serves as a culinary haven but also stands as a visual masterpiece, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding spaces.

The children’s rooms reflect creativity and fun, with the eldest daughter’s room exuding feminine charm, while the shared boys’ room balances playfulness and functionality. Custom-made pieces add a personal touch, ensuring each room is a unique reflection of its young inhabitant.

In this luminous retreat, the intersection of natural materials, Danish design, and thoughtful customization creates an atmosphere that not only welcomes a family but also tells their unique story in the language of impeccable interior design.