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Guest house / Office space / Workshop




Terra Panonica

Project team:
Staša Radmilović
Aleksandar Lukić / Praksa 59

A multifunctional complex located in the heart of a plain is created as a co-working and co-living space for digital nomads. It operates on sustainable energy and involves local farmers in organic food production on site.

The compound is consisted of two buildings – the bigger one, reconstructed and enlarged with additional floor for co-working and co-living and the smaller ground floor unit that serves as an extension of co-working space during summer months.

We based our architecture on rural urbanity and created a unique dialog between existing and added volumes. Reconstructed structures are clothed in Corten steel panels that gradually shift over time from a vibrant orange to rust-like appearance, giving the building a life of its own. In an effort to harmonize public and private programs within the building we based our design on a concept of a house within a house. Recognizing the need for plenty of indirect natural light, the rest of the house was paneled with translucent polycarbonate. Throughout the day, the space is full of sunlight and during the night lights from the interior create a shadow play with translucent public areas and matted private rooms. Such unique estate provides its residents an inspiring, secluded place for ideas to grow.